Alerte Ethique

Welcome to the whistleblowing platform of Groupe La Poste

In accordance with our code of conduct and ethics, as well as the legal provisions in force, this platform enables secure reporting and exchanges and is accessible to all employees and third parties.


Your reports and requests for advice are processed by trained and authorised ethics officers or agents. The process guarantees strict confidentiality, fair treatment, protection against retaliation and compliance with applicable laws in force. 

Your report must include your identity except in exceptional cases.

Anonymous reports will only be taken into account if the seriousness of the facts mentioned is established and the facts are sufficiently detailed. For example, an anonymous report may be processed if it mentions in detail acts of corruption or harassment.

The confidentiality of your identity will be maintained throughout the processing of the report and after it has been closed.

Once you have submitted your report or request, your ethics officer has a period of seven days to acknowledge receipt.

Useful documentation

User guide
User guide

Useful information

The system includes a messaging system for you to communicate with the ethics officer. It allows you to send and receive messages in a completely secure manner.

Only the ethics officer concerned receives the information that you submit via the form. You will be able to track your report and communicate with your ethics officer using the confidential code generated by the platform when you submit your report. Please keep this code until your case has been closed.

All reports will be subject to rigorous analysis. You will be kept informed during the handling of the case by the ethics officer. The ethics officer will present his/her conclusions to you at the end of the investigation.